Lonestar - No News

Текст песни Lonestar - No News

She said, "it's just a woman thing,"
And pulled out of the drive
I said not to worry
I'm and understanding guy
I heard that when you love someone
You gotta let them go
She hollered, "when i find myself
You'll be the first to know."
Ooo-hooo no news

I've learned to do the laundry
Feed the cat and clean the house
I promised to be patient
While she worked her problems out
When she packed her bags
Her destination was unclear
But i sensed that her intentions
Were honest and sincere
Ooo-hooo no news

She could telephone, tell a friend
Tell a lie about where she's been
Send a pigeon, send a fax
Write it on a postal pack
Send a signal up in smoke
Tap it out in morse code
I'd prefer a bad excuse

To no news

Her momma's been a little vauge
As to her whereabouts
Her sister says, "i'm certain
Your romance is headed south."
I don't have a single doubt
That she's still in love
My level of anxiety
Is just a product of
Ooo-hooo no news

(repeat chorus)

She missed her bus, missed her plane
Surely, this can be explained
Lost her car at the mall
Got lost in a bathroom stall
Joined a cult, joined the klan
On the road with pearl jam
Buried with the grateful dead
Came back as a parrot head
Got derailed, got de-iced
Offered as a sacrafice
Fbi, cia, if they've seen her
They ain't saying
No news! still no news!

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