Lonestar - When I Go Home Again

Текст песни Lonestar - When I Go Home Again

When I go home for Christmas I've done made up my mind
Gonna do some things I wish I'd done back once upon a time
Everybody in the whole place is gonna know my name
I'll blow in like a hurricane and then blow out just the same

Paint "Seniors" on the water tower
I got the paint, I got the power
Do everything that I wish I'd done back then
Better late than never they say
Can't let the moment slip away
I'm gonna finally take my chances when I go home again

Gonna call old Frankie Walker and ask him if he might

Meet me at the dragstrip and he can eat my dust tonight
I'm gonna look up Laura what's her name and finally make it clear
I studied every square inch of her legs our junior year

[Repeat Chorus]

Everybody's got some things they wish they'd said or done
I'm gonna do my best to do 'em everyone

Gonna finall tell my mama about that Friday night
I didn't trip and fall, I got that shiner in a fight
And if I get my courage up I might just spill the beans
And tell her all the details about the night I turned eighteen

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