Ludacris - Cry Babies

Текст песни Ludacris - Cry Babies

[chorus: ludacris - repeat 2x]

(oh no!) I caught him with a blow to the chest

(oh no!) my hollow put a hole in his vest

(oh no!) Im bout to send two to his dome

(oh no!) cry babies go home!

[verse one: ludacris]

I got people scared as fuck like when condoms break

Or how your heart deals with eatin eighty pounds of steak

So put your belly on a plate and watch your weight

You frostin like a flake and ludacris feels grrreat!

Who want come face me, face come want who?

And women give me face until theyre face turns blue

They cant breathe, dick to mouth recessatation

A tight squeeze witch stops the length to conversations

I playstations, duck cops and lose agents

Im doctor love, I close curtains and fuck patients

When I kick and rip and flip an indespensable rhyme

My black ass is so hungry Ill take a bite out of crime

And itll hurt if I swallow, but even more if I choke

Neighbors called the fire station off the blunt that I smoke

You see I crush cowards, funerals Ill send flowers

And Im on the overpass flick pennies at rush hour


[verse two: ludacris]

You see Im ambidextrous I slap ass with both hands

Delete your first steps, but Ill save the last dance

I just bought some new guns my mama said "it aint worth it"

But Im at the shooting range just cause practice makes perferct

Bullseye, I stunt growth and stop lives

You run with niggas thats more chicken then pot pies

Bok bok bok Im shakin your tale feathers

I got big balls, Im a sac king like chris webber

Luda will take you back to duck hunt and double dribble

When niggas sold quarters and dimes and smoked nickels

My cars got big tvs and satellites

I got a wheel of fortune cause I flipped os like vanna white

And the servey says? (kill a mutha fucka now)

Could it be off with his head? (or shoot a mutha fucka down)

Ground round, ground chuck your ground beef

Bullets gather round then I shoot rounds around teeth


[verse three: ludacris]

I kick niggas in theyre ass reboot em like laptops

And they wouldnt even box if I gave em a flat top

You punks pucker and pout, bicker and babble

Now they all lost for words like I beat em in scrabble

You see Im from a small town called "fresh out a cops ass"

Where mr. head-potatoes are skinned they get mashed

I smell puss from fifty yards

Yall not playin with full decks as if I jacked out ya jacks and left fifty cards

Catch me in vegas spinnin the green

I re-up with more chips than a vending machine

Then you can catch me in rome maggots in brauds and sticking em

And youll be at home picking your bougars and flicking em

A drug dealers dream, so fresh and Im so clean

Im a grown ass man and youre sweeter than sixteen

So go and kick rocks peons youre just rookies

Headed down stairs to get you some milk and cookies

[chorus - 2x]

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