Ludacris - Put On

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Now before my nigga Jeezy made this song for the city
Before Wayne put out a milli and then in a week he sold a milli
Before JD threw ten thousand on the floor at Magic City
Before Usher jumped the broom, before he confessed that shit to Chilli
Before DJ Drama dropped the Southern Gangsta Grilly
Before Puff Daddy changed his fucking name to Diddy
Before Janet Jackson went on the tube and showed her titty
I been reppin' for Atlanta and I been reppin' for my city
You could ask Dallas Austin you could ask Rico Wayde
I kept the lights on in Atlanta when Goody and Cash took a break
And you can say that "he this" and you can say that "he that,"
But one thing's for damn sure I put the city on my back
And I ain’t goin' nowhere that movin' money ain't changed em'
But the vaults were too small at the bank so I rearranged em'
These rappers around my way ain't got mo’ money then me
I’m blinded by my own ice but I got mo' money to see
And I ain’t dissin' I’m just spittin’ what I call is the truth!
So catch me ridin' without that thang what you call is the roof!
I got the money in my palms like I carved the Malouf!
Cuz I gotta make myself clear just like a bottle of Goose!
And I can see right through ya

Don’t let the mic fool ya
Say the wrong words and my click might do ya
So before you go runnin' your mouth and say some shit you'll regret
This is just a small verse so that these boys don't forget
I put on

I ball hard on my first album but I ball harder today
Plus, I just opened up a restaurant in the heart of the 'A'
I payed my dues in my city and I’m throwin’ the finger to all the haters
Me and the mayor just bought back the Martin Luther King papers
Now how hard is that shit, how much harder can that get
Hard as the AR will make these niggas do a back-flip
Watch it in Atlanta cuz I’m all over your girl
First nigga with a polo beat I pimped all ova the world
First to put on cash money when they came to the “A”
Shout-out to my nigga Pooh like sh- sh- shawty!
From the goon squad to the shottas
Dope boys to the Rastas
Luda represents this shit from the college park to the Oscars
Put on a tuxedo, get incognito
Got game for ya bitch I shoot it like a torpedo
So before you go runnin' your mouth and say some shit you'll regret
This is just a little verse so that these boys don't forget
I put on

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