Ludacris - Rich And Flexin

Текст песни Ludacris - Rich And Flexin

I'm drunk, I'm rich
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch?

[Verse 1 - Ludacris]
Bitches all on my jock, they want my Dang-a-lang
Swinging all on my nuts like an orangutan
Half a million dollar car
Half a million dollar watch
No roof on the Drophead Phantom
It got karate chopped
Got a couple black belts
But they all from Louis Louis
Get get 'em wetter than scuba divers
These fuckin' groupy-groupies
Swagger's through the ceiling, these haters mad as fuck
Get money like Vegas chips
BITCH stack em up!

I'm drunk, I'm rich
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch?

[Verse 2 - Waka Flocka]

Bitches be crying for me, they want my autograph
Shorty rollercoaster ridin: Six Flags
She'll food on that dick?
I'll never eat that bitch
Cold feelings, hard dick
No hands got me rich
I’m on my Bricksquad monopoly shit
Stuntin with the roof off
Flocka always flexin
Bad hoes always textin
Tatted up like a mexican
Magnums for protection
Flocka meet me at the weston

[Verse 3 - Ludacris]
Up on my wish bone,These hoes get split in two
I dont want no birds up in my car, I dont drive no chicken coupe
I be all in that new ferrari, I be spillin out champaene
No rocks on the road Luda? Bitch they all in my damn chain
Gotta keep it moving Mami, Gotta get that guacamole
I got that purp and a little bit of gold, I got shit run with Kobe
Like I should shoot the jayyy and smoke a couple too
Other rappers wanna be my friends, Im to rich to Fuck with you

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