Ludacris - Screwed Up (Feat. Lil' Flip)

Текст песни Ludacris - Screwed Up (Feat. Lil' Flip)

(coughing)Ahhh Yeahhh

We sendin' this one out from everybody,
I mean to everybody from the H-town
to the A-town and world wide
so get your lighters, get your drank,
and I'll tell you what
I'm so fucked up, and screwed up
if anybody try to blow my Hi you know what Ima tell'em

Fuck you, Fuck you,
Fuck you, Fuck you,
Fuck you, Fuck you(I'm screwed up)

I felt better than I ever felt befo' I'm,
Intoxicated but maintaining self control I,
I took a swig I had a jug chug-a-lug I'm loud and clear,
I had some bud I lit it up and then I made it disappear,
'Cause my magic tricks are so fabolous,
this shits hazardous, got amateurs smokin' cannibus
if you mad at this damnit then

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Lil' Flip:
I take'a,
Call to my dog trying to split the blunt and break it up
Three wheel motion purple potion I got to shake it up
I tried to kick the habit(what happen')but it keep callin' me
Abracadabra its a magic trick I smoked up all the weed,
Zig Zags and golden wraps got my mind gone,
Drugs dont effect my work I still get my grind on

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Im leanin' like the tower of peas and a syrum sqeezer,
Come close to my stash and get treated as if I'm Ebaneeza,
Im throwed, blowed matter fact lets call this thrower potion,
IM SCREWED UP, so no wonder thangs are in slower motion,
I gots to have it, can't kick the habit
I've tried to shake it,
The drug experiment stage if you mistaken then

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Lil flip:
Im from,
Screwed up Texas, we drive wreckless, And then we peel off,
You aint had shit until you smoke sweet tooth in jack frost,
Hit it twice but dont cough(dont cough),
you gotta take it mannn,
if it's a record for smokin' Im bout' to break it mann,
Me and Luda puffin Buda
We in a black couga' on sab jewelers
you try to jack us we grab rulers,


Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

How can I say it plain,
that Im off that Mary Jane,
And if its true what they say then
I dont know how many cells is left in my fuckin' brain,
But Ima keep on writtin and
lightin' minez to these hungry rappers
And tell the hood that I hire Niggaz and Fire crackers,
On the 4th of July, open your eyes, Im jokin stupid,
I love all races but if you hatin my music then

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Lil Flip:
I love my,
occupation, we never have to take a piss test,
Fuck a 9-to-5 cause Im always gettin rest,
I wake up to breakfast in head,
You wake up to breakfast in bed,
Should I drop my H2, Hmmm, I can take the lexus instead
Pimpin aint dead, but I leave you niggaz dead from all this pimpin',
Im ridin' spinners "like a pimp" thats why Im limpin'

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

All substances thats controlled thats how this story goes,
I pop the cap broke the ice and Lil' Flip done broke the mold,
I'm so cold, I think I see dead people,
Knaw, thats just my homies passed out in the Regal believe it,
The potency is so strong if you notice me I'M CALM,
Cool and collected and if you disrespected then

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Lil' Flip:
We doin' this for the playas that bang screw music,
We dont pass out after 8 blunts(Why), because we use to it,
Me and Cris like chee-chee-chong,
So hurry bring out the weed and the bones
Cause if it aint Grade-A-Trees, we gotta leave it alone
And to my homie screw, you know I gotta hold it down
And if they want it then they gotta come and take the crown

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa,
So there you have it
Sendin this one out to all my drankers,
And all my smokers,
united and lighted we stand and ****** we fall
and if you wanna pass the sobriety rebel out
and test this ***** ****** ******* **** ****
Keep bustin got damnit,
and whoever said niggaz in the south cant rhyme

Fuck you (8x's)(Im screwed up)

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