Ludacris - She's a Trip

Текст песни Ludacris - She's a Trip

[Intro: Ludacris]
Oh you talkin bout Ol’ girl from up the street right?
Yeah nigga I did, I heard about that bitch man
She a trip, I be like

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
I be like damn she got a way about her
And everybody always got something to say about her
She so fine, she so classy, but that bitch mean
Everybody wanna throw a little dirt up on her, but that bitch clean
Quit hatin’ on her, recognize her from a mile away
When she be walkin’ man it be hard to find the words to say
When she be talkin’ disrespect it pay no nevermind
She just grill em' dressing up she known to take her time
Then go a kill him, go hit the club and make these bitches sweat
Not even trying, turning heads just off a silohutte
And I ain't lying somebody taught her well
She never slip and I think she’s out here casting spells
I’m trying to tell ya

[Hook: Mac Miller]
She a trip (trip, trip, trip)
She a trip (trip, trip, trip)
That bitch a trip (trip, trip, trip)
That girl a trip (trip, trip, trip)

[Bridge: Mac Miller]
Yeah girl, all I get is pussy stay wet
Fuckin’ keep her in check
Money have her impressed, she wanna ride on your jet
She a trip
She wanna ride on your jet
She a trip

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Now matter what she always on her grind

She seems just to know what to do to stay on my mind
She send me pics of her naked posin’ like in a magazine
I wanna hit like a drum whenever she go and shake it like a tamborine
Yeah that percussion and always got the latest bags
Her shoe game stupid and she never fights and never nags
She’ll keep it movin’ got no time for games, lames, false claims
Callin’ out names, Dames, all on the same thang mayne
End of discussion, what you thought she’ll throw you for a loop
Know what's expected? you might even let her drive your coupe
She’ll never wreck it, she respect the finer thangs, diamond rangs, diamond chains
Down to carry Vera Wang get a grip
She a motherfuckin trip



[Verse 3: Ludacris]
That bitch a trip if I ain't never seen it
I get up in the guts, she be tellin’ me to beat it like I fuckin’ mean it
I can't believe it, got a nigga thinkin’ maybe I’da met my match
So I put her in a track, and yes in fact you’ll catch me spendin’ stacks
All up in Saks and I ain't never been one to trick
Like what am I doin? but it's something ’bout the way she ride that dick
My mind is ruin and she using it to her advantage
She love that I’m grown but I think she got some other victims
I’m not alone, who thought this bad bitch was out here pimpin
Catch a nigga slippin’, rippin tags off the latest clothes and bags
She so bad that she can't go nowhere without a bunch of niggas
Trying to holler but she all bout that body dollar



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