Ludacris - Teamwork

Текст песни Ludacris - Teamwork

(*female moaning noises mixed in with the beat*)

HEY, we gonna be havin some fun and (ca, ca, ca)
Cause two is better than one and (some, some, some)
Somebody kill the lights
We doin freaky (freaky) (freaky) freaky shit tonight (YAY)

[Verse 1]
Double the pleasures, like double the fun
How many licks does it take the center of a Ludapop, double the tongue
Who knows, plus I gotta undress 'em, caress 'em, bless 'em
steady keep 'em guessin, if that doesn't impress 'em
then slowly move on to the second lesson
WHOA! panties droppin, body rockin, Magnum's proppin
It's eight cheeks and fo' titties, y'all better hand me somethin
Hey ladies (whoa) on your mark get ready get set go
Play for hours in and out the shower
This dick powered we in CONTROL

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
Six hands grippin the sheets, thirty toes that curl
What in the world is goin on, to the break a, break a dawn
with that man and them girls
Cause three hearts are beatin fast, but only two people screamin
We comin together for one cause, other than hear ourselves breathin

Get in the game and start workin it out and diggin it out
Now lean to the side, throw a dick in your mouth
You gotta get in the groove, you got nothin to lose
So don't move 'til you figured it out
And keep makin that face, while I'm rubbin them spots
And we can take turns, while the other one watch
And see how good she be takin them shots
And wake up the hood, 'til they callin the cops, mayn

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Now I'm ready to rock, so you can get your tools and you can start the ignition
I'm grabbin perms, wigs, weaves, ponytails and extensions
Not to mention it's gonna get HOT, better come ready to SWEAT
I make women come harder than jacuzzi jets
And I'm willin to bet that I be keepin it wet, cause I feel ya
little bit of ring in the neck it won't kill ya
Put me on the top or the bottom and I'll drill ya
Givin how you wanted to get it to fulfill ya
And I'll pill ya back to back
So get ready for the mack attack
That got me thinkin they some acrobats
The way they puttin it from sack to sack, cause the mack is back
and I'm gone

[Chorus] - 4X

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