Ludacris - Tell Me a Secret

Текст песни Ludacris - Tell Me a Secret

I got five kisses, where you want 'em at?
Either of yo' lips, yo' ears, yo' neck, yo' stomach or yo' back
Yo' inner thigh, right on yo' kneecap or yo' belly button
These other guys be out here talkin but they steady frontin
They don't know what they want, that's why I tell you put yo' trust in me
Share all yo' secrets, yo' desires and yo' fantasies
I ain't gon' tell nobody baby, I'm an only child
I'll keep it to myself cause all I wanna do is see you smile
Knowin that you got someone to talk to, ain't that what you want?
I'll be yo' lover, yo' provider and yo' confidant
And I won't judge you cause I know that ain't nobody perfect
But you got some perfect imperfections and that makes you worth it
I wanna see yo' body in all of the positions that you like it in
We could do it slow or have some drinks and it gets enticin when
You like it rough and I give it rough and start to pull yo' hair
Cause ecstasy's yo' destination and I'mma take you there
Tell me a secret baby

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
Tell me somethin that nobody else knows
Girl don't think about it, just soon as the door cloooose
Tell me a secret baby
Tell, tell, tell me a secret baby
Oooh, show me somethin that nobody else sees (ayyy)
Tell me all the things that you would do if it was you and me
Tell me a secret baby
Tell, tell, tell me a secret baby

It ain't nobody in the universe that competes with you
Imagine the possibilities and all the little freaky thangs that we could do
Blindfolded handcuffed to the headboard, never let you go until you scream my name
Maybe you think I'm playin but this is really far from a motherfuckin game

Ain't a damn thang change still nasty as I wanna, be
And I got just what you been lookin for baby girl you wanna, see
It'll turn you on and it's gonna be on soon as I take it off
Just give me yo' body, it's guaranteed that I'mma break it off
Off off off, off until the sunrise
And I'm not here to disappoint, just give me one try
One kiss, one pinch and you could take or leave it
But before you make up your mind just tell me one secret
Ne-Yo, holla at 'em


Said we can talk about your fantasy
And ain't nobody gotta know but me
Baby c'mon and make this move if you're gonna
Baby we grown, we can do what we wanna, hey
Said you can tell me what you like to do
Baby girl you never know, I may like it too
Baby c'mon and make this move if you're gonna
Baby we grown, we can do what we wanna, ayyyyy

[Hook] w/ Ne-Yo ad libs

Oooh-ooooh, oh yeah
Mmm, tell me a secret yeah

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