Ludacris - Work For It (Feat. Trina)

Текст песни Ludacris - Work For It (Feat. Trina)

Work for it
(ludacris and trina)
Money money yea im on a search for it, play wit my money you might get hurt for it. Money, take off ya pants and ya shirt for it cause if you want it then you really gotta work for it.

Bad bitch and i roll wit a squad of em a hundred stacks and i got a couple guaps of em yo lil money's too small so who really cares this m.i.a we slum dog millionaires we get paper like my crew won the lottery city got my back slip and slide on the side of me steady yellin out nigga we paid these bops got us throwin up shots like we d wade we hustle till the sun pop or till the sun pop air this bitch out until you hear the gun pop i got a ass that make niggas go bizerk for it but if they want it then they really gotta work for it

Chorus (2x)

Haaa luda so much money im a jerk for it my partna sold me a whole pound of purp for it and if you said get a dog and go to church for it cuz yall lazy but im about to work for it yall never feel the change i hit a switch on the coup the chrome feet do the stanky leg dance dtp we get it too hot like the amps in my trunk thats still puttin out music like tupac bad bitch get her but only chance to get a glance at that ass is follow me like twitter but the club got some perch for it i got 5 thousand ones so if you really want it then you really gotta work for it

Chorus (2x)

I make em work for it for a long time if you gon slack off do it on your own time i got that money thatll make ya come up out your jeans im on the grind all the time like coffee beans

uh huh put ya money up we can make a bet on it whip it out and watch that kitty get wet on it diamond princess trina triple threat on it cuz i keep the money power and respect on it

Chorus (2x)

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