Luke Christopher - Drum Major Instinct

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Drum Major Instinct

[Intro: Sound Byte]

This morning
I would like to use as a subject
From which to preach
The drum major instinct

[Verse 1]

Galileo, Galileo
I've been doin' fine
But it's been 18-something years now
So we running out of time

Yeah, I know they ain't prepared
And that the stars are out of line
But just for once can I remind them
Let it be known that I aligned them
Let it be known that I designed them
Astronomers can't find them
Our problem?
We look with our eyes but without our minds, so

Mind that we were supposed to be the soul in the truth

But we jumped and there must have been a hole in the chute

Wind started the fire
Fire started the nigga
Didn't invent the gun
We just pullin' the trigger
Shot our way through the rocks
See, climbed our way to the top
Stuck a flag in the moon
Promised to be home soon
I was siding ___
You was ___
We were just so close
I was the one that lost it
Damn, I wish I would've known what the cost was
Be like, we ain't lose the world, but it lost us


I really do appreciate ya'll being with me here
On this journey
That hopefully won't have to take long
Oh, yeah

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