Luke Christopher - Follow Rivers

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Follow Rivers

If you're looking for the big adventure
And gold is all that's on your mind
If all you want is someone to take your picture
Then I won't waste your time
If you're looking for the big adventure
You'll probably never notice me
But if you're too big to follow rivers
How you ever gonna find the sea?

[Verse 1]
Feel like we the last of us
Ain't nobody ever gon' be catching us
Still in the car like ash the clutch
Gotta rush back to where the passion was
Remember what the people used to ask of us?
"Is you good, is you bad enough
Do you like the flash of the cameras?
Have you ever seen a whole crowd standing up?"
But nah, I haven't
But it's like my passion
And I'm about to walk this walk so good
I could talk that talk with an accent
And I'm about to fuck this world so good
She gon' walk like the whole shit cramping
I'ma have the whole world chanting
Yeah, I'ma have the whole world chanting


[Verse 2]
Yeah, truth hurts when it hits you right
Everything the old man said was right
I'm in the club and I'm sipping light
Like "Man, I probably could've made a hit tonight"
But they say you getting loose
Why these niggas in the booth
Thinking you gon' be the truth
Nigga, what's that?
Nigga, what's that?
Nigga, who are you?
Oh my, what the games gon' do you?
I'm tripping, I'm caught up in women
Like I was a flag in they charlotte
I'm sorry girl I just know you would not fuck with me
If I was honest
So just like that nigga who rather not hit a girl
I cannot call it
I gotta be focused on climbing, girl
I got no time for no falling


Too many bottles of the French champagne (x2)
Too many bottles (x2)
Too many bottles of the French champagne

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