Luke Christopher - Heartbreak Fiction

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Heartbreak Fiction

[Pre-Hook 1: Luke Christopher]
I've got this heartbreak fiction
I keep saying that it can't be over this fast
All the lines we've written
They're so poetic I just can't put them in my past

[Pre-Hook 2]
Heartbreak fiction
You keep saying that there's just no way we could last
Baby, am I tripping?
I keep thinking that it just all happened too fast

[Verse 1: Luke Christopher]
You went storming out of the kitchen
I chased you like an addiction
I got your arm, I'm yelling "why you never listen?"
Your parents called and said we need an intervention
How could I be so stupid? Thought it real when it was fiction
It's clear
I just never pictured us here
I should've framed it when the picture was clear
Now I'm driving in the car thinking "how am I going to fix this again?"
I know they talking to you
You should be dismissing your friends
They never liked me. Ain't ever liked me
And I can't picture someone like you, girl
I need my wifey
I'm getting lost in different women
They just don't excite me
I'd rather make love once then fuck twenty times, see

And I ain't lying
I'm a lost cause for somebody that completes me
Or maybe just somebody that needs me
And right now, girl, it's really hard to be me
I'm wondering if you'd be down to see me

[Pre-Hook 1]

[Hook: Luke Christopher]
Got me tripping all night long
I might as well. I might as well call
Now we're talking all night long
I miss you, girl. You say you miss me more

[Verse 2]
(Uh) Girl what the hell is wrong with us?
It's like the past, the fucking past is haunting us
It's like the acts, the fucking acts is wanting us
Say you learned a lot from the moments had its all because
You done had the feeling and you thought it was the truth now
It just started killing you but you ain't had no proof now
I ain't gonna sit here and act like I didn't do that
But anything and anyone never had shit on you now
And it's got me feeling blue now
Yellow for these letters that I write you in the booth now
I guess there's nothing left to lose now
I just hope I see you soon now

[Pre-Hook 1 + Hook]

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