Luke Christopher - Malcom & Martin

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Malcom & Martin

LA Leakers

[Verse 1: Luke Christopher]
From the mind of Martin, change from a nigga with a brain
Burning up the track like a nigga with a train
I swear these rappers is homonyms, they always sound the same
But I ain’t tripping, I ain’t tripping, I’m just sayin’
Malcolm warning to the people: "be afraid of what’s above
You in it for the money or you in it for the love?
Either way you gotta do some catching up
You ain’t fucking with me nigga
Why you busy sucking up?"
That’s what Martin said: girls in your beds
Tend to never be the ones that will linger in your head
Another book that I probably should have read
Why I always tend to do whatever Malcolm said instead?
Like red wine too much'll have you dizzy, huh Malcolm?
And 2 to 1, [?] what matters is the outcome
You tell me raw you made a factor as a rapper
You ain’t know when people only tend to listen to the loud ones

[Hook: Martin Luther King, Malcom X, & Luke Christopher]
We have a fight
Black men as well as white men

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Stop singin’ and start swingin’

We fightin’ for the same thing (freedom)
We fightin’ for the same thing (freedom freedom)
We fightin’ for the same thing (freedom)
(Freedom freedom)

[Verse 2: Luke Christopher]
Mr. King, the lines we were reading in-between
Why everybody got an opinion on what they mean?
Why everybody got an opinion all on all my dreams?
I can’t dream these dreams without seeing these things
Malcolm described them as people with lies in their souls
Hangin’ with fake niggas, get it with fake hoes
My problem: I’m a rapper who’s under 20 years old
Quite cold. I must say though
Martin planted the seed. Aristotle to Plato
To all them niggas I dont't fuck with, call them 'Leo
The phony little niggas better lay low


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