Luke Christopher - Marty McFly

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Marty McFly

It was 1984 back when Prince was on the radio
The neon lights above us glow
Your outfit's looking fly
We was loving all the noise back
When Prince was on the radio
My girl, she danced in colored clothes
And I'm Marty McFly

[Verse 1]
Feel your energy getting hot
1.21 gigawatts
Ooh, lover lover, you hit the spot
Tomorrow morning, I ain't gon' hit the clock
And any other night, I'd hit you not
But it's the weekend
And this ain't that
So we can hit a bar and act like we bad
We can hit a star and act like we rad
We can hit the streets and act like we bank
We can hit a beat and act like we sang
We can hit a drink and act like we real
I'm just the brains, you the appeal
On the double
I'm a throw the record on
Pour yourself another
I know this your favorite song
Tell me how you love her
Madonna, Madonna, she wearing designer
I'ma getting you something
So that you got something on her
But on the real, I should be honored
She got the type of body put a nigga in a coma
She the type of nottie

Make a nigga really want her
Now watch a nigga get behind her
I ain't a liar, I'm a trip
Had a flat tire, nigga rockin' 86
Livin' in a dream baby, money ain't shit
Baby, money ain't shit
Baby, this is '86


[Verse 2]
And that shit wasn't make-believe, but
There ain't no way for me to make you see
And plus, we don't ever aim to please
And now, I don't even know how that shit came to me
But, maybe it was a movie or some shit
One night went and got groovy with some chick
One night, went up in the studio, bump this
Better leave 'fore the police come quick
Drivin' fast on Sunset
4:00 AM, we ain't done yet
This the life to be loveless
The moon's out, why you chilling in a sundress?
Take it off
And get on top and shake it off, break it off
You getting hot, you sweating dome
Wipe it off
I hit the spot now, I'm right again
Feelin' Marty McFly through the night again

[Hook] (x2)

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