Luke Christopher - Murder On The Block

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Murder On The Block

[Verse: Luke Christopher]
Uh, there's been a murder on the block and
Ain't nobody leaving till we figure out who shot him
See someone in this house, put a bullet in his mouth
If I believe in your alibi then you can walk it
How bout' we start with you Mr. Hawkins, now see here
You know I've been cooking this establishment for three years
And I treat his three kids like they was mine
So even if I wanted to, I wouldn't of had the spine or the time
Cause I was cooking for the wedding, when I finished, he like "No sir"
Everything here must be kosher
Now you know I'm getting older, so my hearing ain't right
That's when the bride-to-be came in and fired me
You'd be out by the night
I think she guilty motherfucker
That’s some strong words to utter
But before you start accusing, lets hear stories of some others
Speaking of the bride-to-be, over there eying me
Give me your story, don’t you lie to me
She said, I've just been having second thoughts like
I’m not these kids mother, I’m the lost wife
But since I am the lost wife, the kids ain't gon' love me at all
I’ll just forever be the broad who stole their dad from they mom
And since love is such a riddle then these kids be in the middle
They'll just fiddle with their hearts till they bust
And I just be the little bitty lover that nobody understands
But I never killed that man, do trust, trust
Said I believe you I do
I also realize so quick the cook was to accuse
Why don’t we hear from the butler, Mansour J. Shatner
Where were you when that man was killed cold blooded
He said
I’m not the man that I appear to be
I got a lot of people respecting and fearing me
I got a mansion in the hills off Coldwater
A beautiful wife and a thirteen year old daughter
And I killed some people myself
But if I killed him, you probably would of heard that man yell
See I’m a mafia man, I know a lot of bad spells
But if I killed him, I'd have killed you as well, as well, as well
Everyone relax, I’m the maid around here

I got some info that you probably should hear
When I was first introduced to the master he wasn’t so clear
The man had cocaine coming from his ears
I think it was an overdose
Probably couldn’t take the pain and put a bullet to his skull
No, hello my name is Doctor Limbo
If that was so, the man would not have been able to work the pistol
And so, I think it’s more unusual than that
When the cook first called, he was unusually sad
When I first showed up, he was unusually glad
I really think there’s something quite odd about that
The cook said, well doctor, doctor
All them damn pills probably made his heart stop-uh, stop-uh
I would of never hurt the kids father
Even if he did treat the kids like they nada, nada
Well I think I heard enough as the detective
Now think its time for me to put these stories in perspective
When I first heard you talk about the kids Mr. Chef
I realize you might of had a motive to yourself, see
The father he just treated them so bad
If you could only kill the dad, you’d have the kids you never had
Your wife bounced out and no doubt that made you sad
And the kids were the last thing that you could really grasp
And as for the bride-to-be, kill the groom
Get the house and the inheritance free
Since he died, all you thinking about is shopping sprees
And finding a man that’s ten times as handsome as he
But see, then the butler’s motive is clear
In the house, undercover, as the mafia's ear
Probably heard something that he wasn’t posed to hear
But we showed up before he dropped his body off at the pier
And tell me, if the maid's so innocent
Why she trying to blame cocaine for the incident
All that shit is shit she probably gave him, isn’t it
And then she put a bullet in his brain just to finish it
Uh, and yeah the doctor, the angel
Killed the man cause he underpaid you
Shit, well I think I got the verdict so sit back
But before I say this shit, somebody tell me where the kids at

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