Luke Christopher - Poisonous Apple

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Poisonous Apple

[Verse 1: Luke Christopher]
It's been about four years I've been under this bed
Watching labels picking up these sorry niggas instead
All the lies from the haters filling up my head
Truth is you need a record deal to get that bread
They say, we serve beneath you but I serve the people
Under the impression that words can be lethal
This is one for the world but it comes from a village
People take advantage the first chance they pillage
Just the way you treat a nigga who conjures your reality
Corporate can't squeeze the information out of me
He came from a bar, hopped in the car
Killed the whole family, now he forever scarred
And he had a change of heart, I said not from negativity
I said just to make you realize how this could be
Life that is, we lacking positivity

Now give me 88 keys, a paper, and a pencil please
And I control the abstract world, the abstract money
But the real ass girls
Give 'em plenty pearls, and sit up in a castle
Only to realize I'm becoming an asshole
And these days life is but a battle
You never hear you coming unless your tail starts to rattle
I rode an asteroid to a black hole
Starving in possession of a poisonous apple

[Outro: Luke Christopher]
Well, uh, I guess I see fame as this poisonous apple
'Cept I'm starving
I got no other food

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