Luke Christopher - Real Night

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Real Night

Real Night

Turn that shit up just a little bit
That’s cool right their
Yea im feeling this

I was chillin
Listenin to Be by Common
On the couch feet up bout to eat my ramen
That’s when a knock up on the door came
Yelling like yo, Luke you in there we finna rock are you finnah roll?
So I threw my number 3’s on with the two gold chains, with the UK jeans and the new round frames
Hit the city like Godzilla but iller, man its been a minute since I kicked it with my niggas go figure, ive been busy
The lights from the city hit the windshield, nigga waterfalled some hennesy but didn’t spill. Hand out the window trynah catch the scene
Warm air cool breeze do you know what I mean?

Shit , nights like this need a narrator, lady at the booze store told my I could pay her later
I ain't driving so im drinking like im insecure, yelling yall want 2k or FIFaA yo the choice is yours
Goo time good rhymes good drank, feeling like a mil but we got less in the bank believe and good trees for my niggas in need, if you feel it throw your cups and and sing it with me it goes


Real life, mobbing with my niggas on a real night, cups in the air trynah feel right, bitches comin over don’t you kill our vibe X2

Nah nah nah nah cuz we something like an anomaly, im listening to Pac while reading up on Socrates, my nigga stopped me like ay dog ain't that hypocrisy, how funny you are, my nigga that’s the opposite
Shimmy shimmy high shimmy low today, do you always stay home when the skies is gray, when the kids don’t play theres a world to take, fuck it yall should stay home, ima own the day
Oo we gone make a killin , me and all my niggas bought a van and put our master plan in it, parked it by the coul de saq and had the windows tinted we gone drive it to the grammys when a nigga finally get it


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