Luke Christopher - Sun Goes Down

Текст песни Luke Christopher - Sun Goes Down

Sun goes
And the sun goes
And the sun goes, sun goes
And the sun goes down

[Verse 1: Luke Christopher]
Yeah, you light a fire and burn the weed to start a reaction
Look at the ceiling your life is passing, picture what happens
Bright young kid in a dark cold world, go figure the love attracts him
But your too smart for the average, clothes too black for the fashion
Victims of the no love casualties, would holler at the father but he's absentee
Like olly olly oxen free somebody please help us now
I swear if I catch you talking bout the little homie
Then it's gon' be, your last sound, swear
And dollars may never come in like you want them to
Bad chicks probably won't sin like you want them to
But as soon as that moon goes down and that sun comes up you better live like you wanted to

[Hook: Luke Christopher]

When everyone stops answering the phone
And everything material is gone
You'll be standing in that mansion all alone
Begging for some place to call your home

[Verse 2: Luke Christopher]
Everybody's only got one true love I guess
Whether it's a person and details, in fans or in emails, one true love at best
Because usually the flaws come out then the claws come out
And if you don't drop out then it's all falls down
And it's, just you and the damage
You left carrying their baggage; drop it don't drag it
Cuz if anybody's holding you back this time it's you
Your smarter than that, your braver than that, your - you should know it now it's true
And they gon try to bring you back
Never fail to poke at all the things you lack
Cuz the things you lack get filled more with every single dream you have it's

[Hook 2x]

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