Luke Christopher - The Weekend

Текст песни Luke Christopher - The Weekend

[Intro: Luke Christopher]
Yeah. No bullshit
Uh, my nigga asked me how my weekend was. Uh

I said Friday night was crazy
Jimmy had a tranny, thought she was a lady
Sean's on the roof of the LBC
Fell asleep in the missionary with Leslie, no bullshit
Saturday night was mad
Niggas hit the stage, 5K in the bag
Niggas made it rain while I made the mic slap
And then we fit 15 groupies in the cab, no bullshit

[Verse 1]
I picked my nigga up on the way
He had the booze, I had girlies to play
Plus we saw a few more at the store
We on the way to a show
We got room for some more
So they hopped in, headed to the city
Man, these girls had ass and they face model pretty
A cop pulled us over on the highway
So we hid the booze and we all started smiling
And when we got there it was packed
Had a couple bottles in the table in the back
But I ain't drinking yet, I'm in the zone
That's when the DJ said "Luke Christopher is on" so


[Verse 2]
And then I let the fans backstage
I signed a shoe, four pairs of boobs, and her face
But the after party's at a different place
So we back in the car, music blasting the face
And we headed to a house in The Hills

Naked girls in the pool and the whole house filled
When we walked in people start screaming
Yelling out "Tomorrow Gang! Nigga, stay scheming!". Believe it
Took a couple shots, now I'm gone (Oh, shit!)
Got a couple models in my arms (No shit!)
Headed upstairs, it's all unclear
And that's when I got the call on my phone (Oh, shit!)


[Verse 3:]
CJ:Luke, it's your nigga, CJ, I'm in jail, bro
I got got by the cops down on Mel road
I need your help, bro
Is there any way that you could make it here and you get could me for the bail, bro?

Luke: Damn, yeah, that's nothing
Except I really can't drive and these girls got me cuffed in
Let me get up out of here, I'm a take a taxi
And that's when I heard my nigga, Stefan, laughing
I walked outside, saw my nigga, Rob
He was hanging from the ceiling, pants down, about to cry
Finally got him down, headed into town
When I got to the station he wasn't to be found
So we hit the streets and we looked around
And at 10 A.M. we done shut it down
Finally got home when we heard the sound
And opened the door, the nigga passed out on the ground
And said


Uh, yeah, ah, no bullshit
Uh, yeah, ah, no bullshit

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