Luke Christopher - World Without Superman

Текст песни Luke Christopher - World Without Superman

[Hook: Luke Christopher]
Oh woah woah
I’m a man but I’m no superman
All these people they need saving, baby
Cause life’s too crazy
If they turn around and I’m not there then what are they gonna do?

[Verse 1: Luke Christopher]
This one girl, she says I’m not as mean as I seem
My pictures make me look like I’m a fiend
She thinks the people I've [?], I know better
So I’m sorry if I scream
Fuck it all, cover your ears, my people
I’m just embarrassed just to fear my people
How am I supposed to be honest with the world
When I still haven’t been able to be honest with a girl?
So middle finger to the way that love treats me
Nigga with a flow like "how my muthafuckin' beat be?"
Ain’t it ironic how that every girl that leaves me
Week later sees me, got the nerve to tweet me
If Twitter be the fuit of fame, tweet on man
But I ain’t Tweetin’ if the damn beat’s on man
And if you’re smokin’ like them damn trees on
I ain't like that, I put a future Grammy on that


[Verse 2: Luke Christopher]
How do they say a little rain have never hurt nobody?
I’ve gotta say that philosophy ain’t been workin’ for me
Cuz lately it’s been pourin’ round here girl
Better yet, straight stormin’ ‘round here, girl
And I’ve been tryin’ to apologize in my way
Instead of doing what these niggas do and hide away
Far away, or behind a face
And try to make it seem like everything’s okay
You liar, you hider
You tried to defy me but found out it’s back where it used to be
It’s crazy how people get lazy and think they can play me by using me
You’ve got a one track mind: Vanilla ice
But one track's all you need on the realest nights
You’d be surprised, kill the lights
Put your headphones on and get hypnotized


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