M-People - Someday

Текст песни M-People - Someday

(marshall jefferson)

Mmmm (someday!) [x4]

The world is cold and times are bad.

Everytime I think about it, it makes me sad.

War and drugs are everywhere

And its getting so hard to breathe the air.

But it doesnt have to be like this,

All the rancour and bitterness.

If we can just open our eyes

We can make this world a paradise.


Well live as one family in perfect harmony.


If we all pull together we will all be free.

Someday (someday!) [x3]

Free from the pressure and the prejudice

We can change it all with tenderness.

Therell be no void between black and white.

Well be able to walk the streets at night.

I wont be fooled while someone dies of starvation,

The whole world will be my nation.

We will walk hand in hand.

Ill go to south africa and be called woman.


Well live as one family in sweet harmony.


If we all pull together we will all be free.

Mmmm, someday.

Well all be free - mmmm, you and me.

Someday (someday!) [x3]

We will all be free, (someday) free, free!


I wanna be





Someday! [x2]

Someday! (someday) [x2]


Someday well all be free... [x2]


Someday [x6]

Well all be free...

Hey I wanna be free, free, free!

Therell be no ghettos, no addiction.

All todays troubles will seem like fiction.

We will walk hand-in-hand.

Ill go to south africa and be called woman.

Someday (someday!) [x2]

Hey , I wanna be

Someday (someday!)



[repeat to end]

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