M-People - Tumbling Down

Текст песни M-People - Tumbling Down

I wake up in the morning, I think I want to drink

A cup filled with water from the kitchen sink.

Well the dog that we both love and raised from a pup...

And I tried to hide the pain, oh lord,

Every time I pick him up.

And all because I need you more

My whole world is falling down.

Oh-hoa, the tears in my eyes burn, we built this world within.

Turned my back on you when you had so much love to give.

Oh, this home is just a house, oh, a place to lay my head.

Oh, the roof must have a leak, oh lord,

cos its raining in my bed.

And all because I need you more

My whole world is falling down.

Oh yeah, falling all around.

I never knew that you would leave me

Even though youve been mistreated.

Oh, wont you know your love is needed now.

My whole world is falling down.

Since the day youve gone, I cant get no sleep.

Even a part-time job, my love, is mighty hard to keep.

Well, I miss the evening meal that you used to cook

And all my clothes are hanging off.

You should see the way I look.

And all because I love you more

My whole world is falling down.

Oh is falling all around.

Said is falling all around, yeah.

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