Madonna - Get Up (Tidus Remix)

Текст песни Madonna - Get Up (Tidus Remix)

Весной 1980, Мадонна оставляет Breakfast Club чтобы создавать свою собственную группу, "Эмми и The Emmys " со своим старинным другом из Мичигана Брэем и Гэри Бюрком в контрабасе. Она затем подпишется у Gotham Records в 1981 прямо перед тем как подписываться у Sire Records в 1982.

Get up

You get out of bed
And you look in the mirror
And the haze in your head
Doesn't get any clearer
The boss man said
You're gonna lose your job
You're gonna lose your pay
If you're late, late
And then the weatherman said
It's gonna be sunny
And it starts to rain
And you don't think it's funny
So you visit your friends
But there's no one home
And you don't have a dime
And you can't even call
them on the phone
So get up
Get up [repeat 6 times]

Your stomach's so empty
And you need some food
So you distract yourself
But it just doesn't do any good

You think about going home

But it can't be the same
'Cause they'll never change
They don't want to know
About the sin of youth
And the wasting of time
And wanna grab your hair
And pull you in line
So get up
Get up [repeat 6 times]

Pick yourself off the ground
No one can push you around
Don't let it get you down
You get up (x4)

So get up, up...

Another day goes by
And you look in the mirror
And the haze in your head
gets a little bit clearer
And you realize that all
the silly things that
used to get you down
Were just a test to see
if you could get up

So get up
Get up [repeat 6 times]

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