Madonna - I Don't Give A...

Текст песни Madonna - I Don't Give A...

[Verse 1: Madonna]
Wake up, ex-wife
This is your life
Children on your own
Turning on the telephone
Messages, manager
No time for a manicure
Working out, shake my ass
I know how to multitask
Connecting to the Wi-Fi
Went from nerd to superb
Have you seen the new guy?
I forgot the password
Gotta call the babysitter
Tweetin' on the elevator
I could take a helicopter
I don't even feel the pressure

[Hook: Madonna]
I'm gonna be okay
I don't care what the people say
I'm gonna be alright
Gonna live fast and I'm gonna live right
I'm moving fast, can you follow my track?
I'm moving fast and I like it like that
I do ten things all at once
If you have a problem, I don't give a...

[Verse 2: Madonna]
You're so mad at me
Who's got custody?
Lawyers, suck it up
Didn't have a pre-nup
Make a film, write a song
Gotta get my stockings on
Meet the press, buy the dress
All of this to impress!
RIde my horse, break some bones
Take it down a semitone
I forgot to say my prayers
"Baby Jesus" on the stairs
Gotta sign a contract

Gotta get my money back
All the bottles, all of those
Standing in the front row


[Bridge: Madonna]
I tried to be a good girl
I tried to be your wife
Diminished myself and swallowed my life
I tried to become all
That you expect of me
And if it was a failure
I don't give a...
(I don't give a, I-I-I don't
I don't give a, I-I-I don't
I don't give a, I-I-I don't
I don't give a...)

[Bridge 2: Nicki Minaj]
Shots fire, anything you hear Nicki on, that's fire
You don't hear them bums on nothing that's fire
Tell 'em "catch fire!"
In the Bugatti; ten grand, 1 tire
Ayo Madonna (yes, Nicki?), maybe I say you original: Don Dada
In that, yeah, Gabbana, and the, ah, yeah! Prada
We Material Girls: ain't nobody hotter, *pops collar*
See, I really can't relate to your Volvo
And you can't get these shoes at the Aldo
When I let a dude go, that's his loss
I was cutting them checks, I was his boss!
Yo, I don't give a F you
Curse nor bless you, never let them stress you
I ain't a businesswoman, I'm a business, woman!
And I'm known for giving bitches the business, woman


[Outro: Nicki Minaj]
There's only one queen... and that's Madonna

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