Magic Affair - Thin Line

Thin LineMagic Affair4:32

Текст песни Magic Affair - Thin Line

You better believe, you better get off this thin line
Awake from your dream, and see its a world gone crazy.

1 Adam 19, cracks the hype seen,
Needle to the vein, as your life just seems,
To take a dive, straight to hell and past the gates,
You wanna turn on back, its too late.
Cuz the monkey is now a gorilla,
Just for one hit you turn into a killer.
Is that a life, answer quick, youre dying,
Im clean homeboy, from the drug I am prying,
You, away to see a better day,
Than in a coffin as the preacher pray.
Dont get me wrong, see I grew up hard too,
No to hard drugs, thieves, and even thugs.
So now 1 travel, save souls, and rescue
Before I can kelp, you gotta help yourself too.
And by the may, youre not alone in this subject,
Grab my. Hand, and help to come correct.

The spoon is there, oh oh, wheres the lighter.
Heroin cooks, pow its time to feel higher,
But wait a minute, your heart skips a beat,
On your back, and now youre dead meat.
So how you feel, for dying for nothing,
Sweat pours down, and youre huffing and puffing,
And youre praying to god, please save me.
Ill be good, and swear to behave see,
Its a problem, a dealer dis you,
Take your life and say they dont miss you.
For a 10 dollar toke, theyre crazy.
The woman and manhood goes through the maze G
Youre not dirty, much less a dead rat.
Eaten alive by the drug dealing cat.
And by the way, youre not alone in this subject.
Grab my hand and, help to come correct.

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