Mariah Carey - Inseparable

Текст песни Mariah Carey - Inseparable

Call my phone
Baby call my phone
Baby call my phone
I be waiting' to hear your ringtone
Call my phone
Baby call my phone
Baby call my phone
I be waiting' to hear your ringtone

[Verse 1]
Lost without my other
Half - how can I live without you
I don't want another
That's why I'm messed up about you

Can't even dream without seeing you
Why should I even try to breathe
And everything is off, without you
Guess it's all my fault, ladies sing the blues

No one could deny it
We were flying like united
Thought we'd never be divided
Cause the love we had inside us was[?]

If you're up in this song
And you're searching for the moment when two hearts went wrong
Jealous of your love
Cause you swore you'd never ever give it up
Cause you'd thought that y'all was

Thought we'd stay together
Always and forever
But now I see that no one is
Except for us
One of us just got to pick the phone up
Cause I know we're still

[Verse 2]
Got photos of us on my refrigerator
Videos on my phone, boy I just can't erase them [?]
The first text I ever got from you still saved in my Inbox
And I read it like time after time

Boy I'm lost, can't you look, won't you please find me
I was down to my last tear, come rescue me
See it's breaking my heart, to the point where I don't need it, has no reason now to beat
Cause I just ain't the same without you
Boy I know we're [?]


It's been 16 days since I held you tight
Balled up me and my pillow in the middle of the night
Boy I just wish you show up and make everything alright
So what you waiting for?
Cause both us have thought of we're


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