Mariah Carey - Skydiving

Текст песни Mariah Carey - Skydiving

La da do do do
Yeah eh eh eh

[Verse 1]
On amends
Touch good morning
I was gone
Game over
Not too tight
A fitting moment
Back at me
Far from solace
So I left the bitterness behind
All that sadness and distress of mine
And we found ourselves out spending (yeah)
Hovering above the roof laying over (laying over)

This single
Jump bumpin
Wanna play
You had me
But ain't no intimacy

This single
Won't nothing
You got me lifted baby
Our love is highly skydiving



[Verse 2]
So they say you got some chick
That keeps you warm at night, along for the ride but
If you ask me that's bullshit
Because obviously heaven sent you for me
See they never told me about love or life
But I'm learning each moment we fly
We were laying as though no consequence
We're in tenderness beyond intense





Lifted baby (lifted baby)
Got me lifted baby (baby, baby)
Boy you got me lifted baby
(Got me lifted baby, baby)
All I really wanted was your intimacy
(This single
(Jump bumpin
Won't nothing
This single
Won't nothing
All I really wanted was your intimacy

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