Mariah Carey - When Christmas Comes

Текст песни Mariah Carey - When Christmas Comes

The whole world
Feels a little bit more love
When Christmas comes
When Christmas comes

[Verse 1]
And everywhere that you go
People singing "Let It Snow"
And hanging up
That mistletoe

[Verse 2]
And me and you gonna have ourselves
A holiday
And we don't need nobody else
To celebrate
And we're gonna kiss our worries
And our cares away
I can't wait

Because this Christmas time
Get together
It's gonna be so nice
Better than ever
And baby you're the one
Special treasure
I can't wait to unwrap your love
Until Christmas comes

Oh baby

[Verse 3]
So many souls hurt
So many don't have enough
When Christmas comes
When Christmas comes

[Verse 4]
But baby if you spread love
Someday it might be enough
To heal each other
One by one

[Verse 5]
And we gonna get together
And rejoice and pray
And we gonna help the world
Become a better place
And we gonna sing and shout
Because the savior reigns
So don't dismay


[Verse 6]
It's gonna be alright
When Christmas comes
Oh jingle all the way
Oh what fun, hmm

[Verse 7]
And we gonna reminisces about
The good old days
And we gonna laugh together as
The children play
And through the years is always
Gonna be this way
Come what may


Lalala dada dada dada dadada dada

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