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Текст песни Marilyn Manson - May Cause Discolouration Of The Urine Or Faeces

6:30 this morning
I can't hear you
I woke at 6:30 this morning with a headache
Oh, I wonder to take them or not

I wouldn't take them I don't know
The headache is heavier than anything else
It's the first time that you took them?
Second, yeah

I had a little bit of a headache this morning
I wouldn't take them, mom
I won't take them now, because I have a toothache that hurts too a little bit
I've taken everything I got, been thinking

All that blood pressure medicine you take and stuff too
You shouldn't take those thing
You're better off not to sleep then to take the
Oh, my God! No wonder you got a headache

Your pressure's probably sky high! Why don't
You got to take that every day!
I try though
Are you crazy?
It's been 3 day

That's probably why you have a headache now
Did you take it today?
I did this morning, yeah
That's probably why you have a headache, because your pressure's up

I don't know how you can forget to take it
And when that's the only pill you take
I'm sorry, I have so many pills you'd be surprised
Well, the blood pressure pill is the most important one
Yeah, I know

There is no other one as important as that one
I got one more and then I got to get to the store
I got two refills on it
You only got one pill?!
I only take one a day
Well, yeah, but you shouldn't let them get that low

I guess not, but I can take one in the morning and then go get some more
They're expensive! If you have to pay for them, Procardia?
No, the other one
Which ones?
I got to pay for Procardia

Were you taking that every day?
Well, that's the blood pressure pill
The heart pill, the Procardia
And what's the other one?
Ah, H-Y-D-R-O-T-O-N

Oh, that's something to do with water and
And, water and, uh, blood pressure
This one tag does say it's for blood pressure
Yeah, I think it works like a water pill type pressure
But the Procardia's the important one

You have to take that every day
You should take that the first thing when you get up
Yeah, I know

Well, how come you haven't taken it?
I took it yesterday, the Procardia
Well, how come you didn't take it today?
I had the headache today
That's why you have a headache
You got to take the Procardia

Take it now! That's what it's for, your headache
It's to make your blood pressure come down
If you don't you're going to
You'll have a stroke if you don't take it

If you got a pretty
Headache that bad you're going to have a stroke
I got a headache that bad this morning
Well, you better go take the Procardia right now
I will, I'll take it when I hang up
You didn't take that other blood, blood pressure pill either?

Yeah, I did this morning
Well, you should take the Procardia right now
I'll take the Procardia in after nine
Got a horrible morning
Well, you
Why can't you see it?

Well, how long has it been since you took the Procardia?
Three days
How many?
Well, see, that's ridiculous, you better go take it right now

I will
When you'll find out your headache will go away
Yeah. I've taken it now, the Procardia, just yet
Any other medicine you're taking isn't that important

You haven't got nothing but nerve pills
They aren't important
I take those every day
Well, the nerve pills aren't that important
The blood pressure medicine's important

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