Marilyn Manson - The mind of a lunatic

Текст песни Marilyn Manson - The mind of a lunatic

Paranoid, sitting in a deep sweat
Thinking I gotta fuck somebody before the week ends
The sight of blood exites me, shoot you in the head
Sit down, and watch you bleed to death
I hear the sound of your last breath
Shouldn't have been around, I went all the way left
You was in the right place with me at the wrong time
I'm a psychopath, in a minute lose my fucking mind
Calm down, back to reality
Don't fear death, cause I know that it's promised to me
Flashes, I get flashes of Jason
Gimme a knife, a million lives I've wasted
The shadow of death follows me, I don't give a fuck
(In a mind of a lunatic)
Pussy play Superman, your ass'll get boxed up
Put him in a straight jacket, the man's sick
This is what goes on in the mind of a lunatic

Lookin through her window, now my body is warm
She's naked, and I'm a peepin tom
Her body's beautiful, so I'm thinking rape
Shouldn't have had her curtains open, so that's her fate
Leaving out her house, grabbed the bitch by her mouth
Drug her back in, slammed her down on the couch
Whipped out my knife, said, "If you scream, I cut you"
Opened her legs and commenced the fucking
She begged me not to kill her so I gave her a rose
Then slit her throat and watched her shake till her eyes closed
(In a mind of a lunatic)
Had sex with the corpse before I left her
And drew my name on the wall like helter skelter
Run for shelter never crossed my mind
I had a guage, a grenade, and even a nine
Dial 911 for the bitch
But the cops ain't shit
when they're fucking with a mind of a lunatic

I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles
Dreaming of the people I've dismantled
I close my eyes and in the circle
Appears the images of sons of bitches that I murdered
Flashbacks of bodies being fucked up
Once I attack, I'm like a pit on a rage that's going nuts
Boys used to die when I'm full fo that fry
I be ebbin when I'm high
So I say 'fuck' and just let bullets fly

(In a mind of a lunatic)
Like I said before, Scarface is my identity
A homicidal maniac with sucidal tendencies
I'm on the violent tip, so yo get a grip
And bitch, better come equipped, ain't taking no shit
Cause here comes a mind of a lunatic

My girl's getting skinny, she's strung out on coke
So I went to her mother's house and cut out her throat
Her grandma was standing there, she was screaming out
As she reached for the telly, I put the blade on granny's ass
Went to the back and grabbed a shovel
Now granny's on her way to meet the devil
Pulled out my 38 and aimed at the bitch
A cop says Freeze, mutherfucker ! Bitch, suck my dick
(Mind of a lunatic)
I said, "Die muthafucker !" as I blasted
Something clicked in my head, visions of bodies in plastic
The scent of buckshots in human flesh
Pigs dying from bullet wounds to the chest
No sheriff's gonna take me on a road
Dark as fuck, and let his pistols explode
Fuck that, cause I ain'ts to die
So I reloaded my Uzi and fired up another fry
It got me crazy as fuck
A ragin psychotic full of that Angel's Dust
The cops had the place surrounded
Hunted for a way to get out - and I found it
Innocent bystanders watch me set an example
I popped one, "Let me go, goddammit
Scot free
Or all of these mutherfuckers coming with me"
(In A Mind of a lunatic)
All of a sudden the shit got silent
I remember waking up, in an asylum
Being treated like a troubled kid
My shirt was all bloody, and both of my wrists was slit
Think this is harsh? This ain't as harsh as it gets
No telling what's being thought up in the mind of a lunatic

Janurary 5th 1969
A damn fool was born with the mind of a lunatic
I shoulda been killed
But sister fucked around and let me live
Now I developped

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