Mary J Blige - Love is All we Needb

Текст песни Mary J Blige - Love is All we Needb

Mary J. Blige
Album: Share My World

Whoa, love is all we need
'Cause everybody needs love
Love is all we need
We'll make everything complete
If we try to live together and be happy
You and me are one and we've only just begun
So let's make a new beginning have some fun
1-Love is all we need, to make everything complete
All we need is L-O-V-E, love is all we need
'Cause to love you would mean everything
Everybody needs love
Dealing with tough times seems to always blow my mind
But I know where my heart is so I am fine, I'm fine
If we remain friends it would never ever end
On this love I give to you, you can depend
(repeat 1)
Love is all we need to make every little thing complete
Yeah, yeah, oh if you would trust in me
I would let you know that I love you, that I love you
Oh, Lord, don't ever leave me...

Love is all we need, yeah, yeah, yeah
Feel this hit banging in your residential district
Presidents you checked, canary rock
Sizzlin', Mary's hop hop
Chirs shorty got this, fly angel
My dremas of a queen came true in this land that's dark
If you my man and you my heart I blast for you
Need bail put up the cash for you, die for you
Leave them if they acting too sly for you
Quick to put your name in some murder one
I'm not the one cheatin' on you or beatin' on you
'Cause I'm laid back you thought that I was sleeping on you?
Real love make a ill thug feel bug
Now analyze, are you trustworthy by the looks in your eye?
Stay with me
My dog like dollar and Ritchie, she convinced me all we
Really need is love, strictly
Love is all we need to make everything complete
I want to be happy yeah, want to be happy
Love is all we need, and I know that it can be done
If we can love, if we can love, everybody needs love

Source: CC from The Late Show with David Letterman

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