Mary J Blige - Mary

Текст песни Mary J Blige - Mary

1 - [Mary]
Can't have you, if I wanted to
Can't let you get away from me
Can't have you, if I wanted to
Can't let you go, no

Repeat 1

Looking in my mirror
Thinking 'bout last night
I can't help but see you
Running often through my mind

Repeat 1

You were saying Mary
Don't let go, hold tight
I just wanna hold you
All through the night

2 - [Mary]
This is something that I can't deny
Boy you know your touch just drives me wild
Won't you take my hand I'll set you free
I want you to belong to me

Repeat 1

Oh, oh oh oh, oh, oh, oh

Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh-huh, uh
Yo, yo, yo
You might bump into the Kiss late night
Or on the DN speeding

In the drop, four thirty on my way to rock a birdie
With automatic lead in the car, bread in the car
Plus I'm gettin' head in the car
My wedding tomorrow
More dutchies to the head, the ready you are
After the session with shorty
I'll be better tomorrow
And you know how we are
We always keep one or two
That don't say much
Like to hit a blunt or two
Or don't mind driving with raw in the trunk
Or freaking off for the week
Top floor in the trunk
Just laying back blowing
Twenty five's a skull
The our keys by the door with bow ties and posts
Can't let me get away
But you ain't ready for Kiss
Got the Chevy and the six
Wrists heavy and shit
Matter of fact we gonna take a trip
And put the dats up
And cop the pink lemonade Cadillac truck

Repeat 1 (2x)

Repeat 2

Can't have you, if I wanted to
Can't have you,
Can't let you go, no
Can't have you, if I wanted to
Can't have you,
Can't let you go, no

Repeat 1 till end

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