Mary J Blige - Rock Steady (Remix)

Текст песни Mary J Blige - Rock Steady (Remix)

(Intro) DJ Clue & (Mary J. Blige)

Yeah, Remix, Rock Steady
Mary, Foxy shit
(Yeeeeaah!) (New York)
Desert Storm, Ill Na Na & MCA
(It's time to rock steady, y'all)
(Party people..)


Rock Steady
Steady on the floor
Stop stressin'
Let your worries go (stop stressin')
Rock Steady
Everyone has a part, It's not even hard
Everybody wants to party (whoo!)

(Verse 1) Mary J. Blige

Showcase, when you step in (That's right)
You can come, and bring a friend
Y'all drink, and enjoy yourselves
But go slow, don't hurt yourself
Relax, and socialize
And don't worry about no damn fights (Ha Ha!)
Be tight and keep it live
And hold your head up high! (Party people!)

(Repeat Hook 2x)

(Verse 2) Foxy Brown

Range Rover, Bitch quick to pull over
Jump a hoe, Make ‘em wish they had 4-leaf-clover (Uh)
This shit ain't over (Uh)
I need closure
Barbie ain't fuckin' wit' me, and plus the broad older (Yeah)

I thought I told ya, Fox won't stop
They tighter then Brown? Then dead they g'wan drop
Naomi Campbell of Rap, So,
Pardon y'all broads lack of fashion
Shit, Wanna box? Where ya gloves? What's happenin'? (BIOTCH!)

(Repeat hook)

(Verse 3) - (Mary J. Blige) & Foxy Brown

(Rock) OK, let's go
(Steady) Turn the music up
(Rock) C'mon, BK
(Steady) Nana back already?
(Rock) Uh-huh, yeah
(Steady) Fuck y'all bitches want?
(Rock) Uh, Gav'!
(Steady) Turn it up, BROWN!

Conceitedness, it's in me, but y‘all ain't gotta excuse shit
Spray each nigga you laid with, then I'd clap you, bitch
What's the blood clot? ‘Cause Jealous hoes known to kill
Number one rap broad in the game and still OD'ed on pain pills
What, I'm hot still
Big rides, big wheels
Shit, Y'all don't wanna holla at ‘cha girl from the K
(Oww!) Fox Brizzown, hoes
Blige J

(Mary J. Blige)

Boottee start shakin', and movin' all around
Boottee start shakin', and movin' all around
Boottee start shakin', and movin' all around
Boottee start shakin', and movin' all around (Let's go)

(Repeat hook until fade)

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