Mary J Blige - Roses

Текст песни Mary J Blige - Roses

See today I'm having one of them days where
I just don't want to be bothered,
but it seems like you can't understand that because it's your way or no way,
but check this out
And I'm really, really sick and tired of you steppin' into my little box
When I just don't want to be bothered okay, so check this out.

[Verse 1:]
I've had my ways, and I've had my share of ups and downs.
I been in trouble, and I couldn't tell my ups from downs
I been your baby, and I don't know why you don't seem like that no more
welcome to the new definition of love.

It ain't all roses hey,
flowers imposing hey
said it ain't all candy hey
this love stuff is demanding hey
Sometimes I need a hug [2x]

See you just really wanna push all my buttons
Cause you Mr. Right & I'm Mrs. Wrong,
But right now today,
I'm going to be the one to sing this song
I'm going be Mrs. Right today it's my way, or the highway
With you there's just no getting around that I got to be bumping heads with you
What's up with that?
Listen see

[Verse 2:]

I love my man, and I know my place I know my worth
I just can't stand
to see myself as I hurt
it's been along time, and I think that I can get a little more love from you
I know some of yall go through it too cause

[Chorus (2x):]

Sometimes I just wish you would just put your arms around me
When I'm feeling so [4x] very needy
But instead you just turn your back and say "suck it up"
oh you don't know how I feel right now
If you knew how I'm feeling on the inside you wouldn't say "suck it up"
Now what tha' cause

[Chorus (2x)]

It' aint' all roses you know,
Everybody ask me how good it is?
It's great love is great
When you just a mess yourself, it ain't gone be all roses.
Cause you just want your time
You wanna be selfish
You know you don't want nobody messing with you
You just want to rip somebodies head off when they try
to step to you with some "Oh! You need
some help, Oh! You need to figure it out" You figure
it out [2x] You go figure It out, you suck
it up [laugh chuckle]

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