Mary Mary - Heave

Текст песни Mary Mary - Heave

I gotta get my self together
cause i got some place to go
and i'm prayin when i get there
I'll see everyone I know
I wanna go, to heaven [4x]
Do u wanna go

[verse 1]
Can you picture a place
Where there's a smile on every face
And all the worries, all the stressin
And all the pressure been erased
Walking down the streets thats golden
Angels sing in perfect weather
Everybody gotta mention
Lord it just don't get no better
I wanna know


[verse 2]
Any way I can explain it
That in life we go through changes
But we know it deserves a purpose
Yes sometimes it just seems worthless
But this race that I'm running

Weither I run it fast or slow
Long as I just keep on running
I'm gonna make it there some day I know


(There's a place for us)
One day I'm gonna see it
(There's a place for us)
And you may not believe it
But I'm just living my life
(So I can live again)
Everyday I'm gettin ready
(Cause I wanna make it in)
Ooh Heaven


Oh, it gets hard sometimes
And sometimes I lose my way
But God knows I'm trying
To get to heaven someday
To that beautiful city

I wanna go to heaven [6x]

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