Matchbox 20 - Dear Joan

Текст песни Matchbox 20 - Dear Joan

Dear joan
I've almost forgotten, the pane in the window
Blue dress in the doorway
Dear joan
Help me remember, the face i forget
And the traps that i've sprung
I guess i've grown tired, it's just what's expected of me
To tear your heart from the inside to the outside
You know i was wired, i just couldn't help it
The hundred thousand times i hurt you

Dear joan, i wanted to say
That i'm sorry for the screaming last night
And the nights before
Well i've wanted more from this
Than anything i've ever known
Dear joan

Dear joan
Your face has a brightness that i've never seen

In the years that i've known you
Dear joan
I pick up the pieces, but some scattered too far
You say they flew when i kicked them

I know you believed when i said it was over
You stood by me patiently waiting and broading
So deeply in love with every face that i've shown


Once i forgive, twice i'm a fool, three times i wrapped my hands around your neck
While you're sleeping, you're quietly sleeping, sleeping and dreaming
Dear joan
Don't walk out the doorway
Because if you did
I believe i could honestly kill you

(chorus) x 2

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