Matchbox 20 - Here Comes Horses

Текст песни Matchbox 20 - Here Comes Horses

Help me to remember girl if you don't mind
Cause it feels just like a jester when the music died
Haven't seen you lately, but i know that nothings changed
Feeling kinda shaky, but the wounds have healed,
There's a crack there in the doorway where the walls have peeled
Well the last you see the sun go down on a clear day

Here comes horses
Yeah there goes the rain
Here goes nothing
Here it comes again

I was thinking i was angry, but i let it go
I was waiting on a miracle, but nothing showed
And they say i knew messiah was at the local bar

Greetings from the homefront, have you heard the news
That daddy bet his paycheck on a horse's shoe
Yeah we won't feel that way for a long long time

Yeah can you feel it

Sitting in a taxi at the evenin's inn,
I was trying to remember where it was i'd been and
Baby i've got someplace else to be
I ask you why you come here, you say just because
I guess i could do without it if i knew i was, well
Really doesn't matter when you look at me that way

(chorus) x 2

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