Matchbox 20 - Tired

Текст песни Matchbox 20 - Tired

You been talking for an hour
And i swear to god that i can't hear a word you say
So would you come to me, come to me
I get caught up in the waves of conversation, they wash over me
And they cover me, they cover me

Chorus 1:
Should i just pack my things and leave
Would i be a bigger man if i
I build a wall around your heart, dare you to come in
I can lie to you, and say i didn't mean it
But hurt's a funny thing and
It makes you stronger

Chorus 2:
Where all is nothing in moderation
It's a dirty feeling, it makes you stronger
Well i believe i'm just plain tired

There's a funny way your lip shakes
When i know that you've been lying and it touches me,
Mmmm....said it comforts me, it comforts me

Well i guess i should be satisfied cause you say you love me half the time
Well i'll settle there, we can build from there, build from there

Would you be happier if i was only half the man i am
You could shout at me, dare me to come in
I can lie to you, and say i didn't mean it,
But it really doesn't matter when you stop to think about it

(chorus 2)

Chorus 3:
Say the end is coming she don't even feel it,
It's a strange sensation, i'm almost happy
Well i believe i'm just plain tired
I'm tired

(chorus 1)
(chorus 2)
(chorus 3)
(chorus 2)
(chorus 3)

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