Mayday Parade - One Man Drinking Games

One Man Drinking GamesMayday Parade4:39

Текст песни Mayday Parade - One Man Drinking Games

And I thought it would be funny to leave you hanging in suspense
Then I'd run over to your house and I'd scale the chainlink fence
That borders your back yard and then I'd climb through your window
And I'd whisper that I love you as you fall out of your clothes
And we'd lay there in the darkness like this dream of you I had
Where we captured all the fireflies and knew what time we had
Could be counted on our fingertips and that almost made you cry
But you let me hold you tightly as we said all our goodbyes
May I say I loved you more
And it must of been and hour that I clutched you in my arms
And I must have said the right things because you instantly felt warm
And you heard my heart stop beating but you watned not to cry

As your sympathetic whispers told a tale of bad goodbyes
You swore you heard me laughing and I swore I saw you smile
AS the time we've spent together was meant to last us quite a while
As I take this piece of you with me I'll carry to my grave
And knowing that for someone you're an angel sent to save
(Keep Breathing my angel, if you go down I go with you)
May I saw I loved you more
So let's drink to memories we shared
Down one for all the hopes and cares
Here's too for being unaware that you're gone
Because before too long you'll be a memory

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