Melanie C - Nothern Star

Текст песни Melanie C - Nothern Star

They tried to catch a falling star
Thinking that she had gone too far
She did but kept it hidden well
Until she cracked and then she fell
If only history is true
She's gonna end up just like you
You made it to the other side
But tell me who will be my guide?

They build you up
So they can tear you down
Trust the ocean
You'll never drown
Who is next?
Who's gonna steal your crown?
You'll see

I have learned my lesson well
The truth is out there I can tell
Don't look back and don't give in
To their lies and goodbyes
Northern Star

Fulfill that longing in your heart
Then we will never be apart
And if they dare to question you
Just tell them that our love is true

They buy your dreams
So they can sell your soul
Is it any wonder we've lost control
Feelings gone, feelings gone

I have learned my lesson well
The truth is out there I can tell
Don't look back and don't succumb
To their lies and goodbyes
Live your life without regret
Don't be someone who they forget
When you're lost, reach out for me
And you'll see
She's not far
Northern star
Northern star

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