Metallica - Iced Honey

Текст песни Metallica - Iced Honey

[Verse 1]
You can't put a butterfly in a jar
If the effort's too high no matter who you are
You can't catch the moon, or the sun or the stars
It doesn't matter who you are
Iced honey
Now me I have tried a million tricks
To make life cold and make it stick
Not running heat that flames then out
But the proud piece of ice that always floats
Iced honey

[Verse 2]
If I can't trap a butterfly or a bee
If I can't keep my heart where I want it to be
If no matter how much soul and heart
I put to the wood
If a flaming heart is not that good
Iced honey
If you can't put a butterfly in a jar
If violence mars your final hour
If you make others feel like jam
Poured on a piece of charbroiled lamb

[Verse 3]
If it's all mixed up and you cannot shout

And your oxygen starts to run out
If your final gasp has the recipe wrong
And instead of hello you say so long
If your energy starts to leak out
And people wonder what you are all about
A heartbreaker with an unattached heart
The story of love gives them all a start

[Verse 4]
And me, I have always been this way
Not by choice, just this way
I can't put my honey pot in a jar
Or a heart or a fist of some young boy
If you can't put a butterfly in a jar
No wonder no need to wonder where you are
It might seem like Hell, the river Styx
Your affection never sticks

[Verse 5]
No matter what you say, no matter what you do
A butterfly heart flies right past you
There is nothing to say, nothing to do
See if the ice will melt for you
Iced honey

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