Metallica - The View

Текст песни Metallica - The View

[Verse 1]
I am a chorus of the voices
That gather up the magnets
Set before me
I attract you and repel you
A science of the heart
And blood and meaning
The coldness of most beauties
Is a challenge that our youth
Must quickly conquer
There is no time for guilt
Or second guessing, second guessing
Based on feeling

I am the truth, the beauty
That causes you to cross
Your sacred boundaries
I have no morals
Some think me cheap
And someone who despises
The normalcy of heartbreak
The purity of love
But I worship the young
And just formed angel
Who sits upon the pin of lust
Everything else
Bores me

I want to see your suicide
I want to see you give it up

Your life of reason
I want you on the floor
And in a coffin your soul shaking
I want to have you doubting
Every meaning you have amassed
Like a fortune
Throw it away
For worship someone
Who actively despises you

I am the root
I am the progress
I am the aggressor
I am the tablet
These ten stories

[Verse 2]
Pain and evil have their place
Sitting here beside me
I offer them to you as servants
Of the gold that you must give
Pain and evil have their place
Sitting here beside me
And I will offer them, I offer them to you
As servants of the gold
That you must give to me


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