Michael Jackson - Soon as I Get Home

Текст песни Michael Jackson - Soon as I Get Home

Written & composed: charlie smalls

Music: charlie smalls

Theres a feeling here inside.

That I cannot hide, and I know Ive tried,

But its turning me around.

Im not sure that Im aware

If Im up or down, or here or there

I need both feet on the ground.

Maybe Im just going crazy,

Letting myself get up-tight;

Im acting just like a baby,

But im- gonna be-im gonna be allright!

Soon as I get home

Soon as I get home

Soon as I get home

In a diffrent place, in a diffrent time,

Differrent people around me-

I would like to know of that diffrent world

And how diffrent they find me

And just whats a wiz, is it big?

Will it scare me?

If I ask to leave, will the wiz even hear me?

How will I know then-

If Ill ever get home again?

Here I am alone, though it feels the same,

I dont know where Im going;

Im here on my own, and its not a game,

And now a strange wind is blowing

Im so amazed at the things that I see here,

Dont want to be afraid,

I just dont wanna be here;

In my mind this is clear,

What am I doing here?

I wish I was home.

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