Mis-Teeq - Eye Candy

Текст песни Mis-Teeq - Eye Candy

ha been looking at you for days
got me all wet with ya candy brain
bumping in the ride from left to right
bouncing down the freeway doing ninety five
hey yo wheere ya going tonight?
can this girl get some love i'm burning up inside
i dont even mind if you're a shy kinda guy
coz we can do it in the dark or we can turn off the lights
i said...

if you want to baby
i'll come and get you honey
boy you drive me crazy, yeah, yeah
call me when your ready i'll be there in a hurry
there's no need to worry
i'll give you what you need
only if you want it

ha what you doing later on?
can i call you on the phone

damn i tried before what i gotta do you got me feenin' for more
i need alot
don't wanna waste my time my with you so you so you better let it out what your gonna do
there's a lotta other fellas wanna be in your shoes
so you better work it out i got a flight at 2


i think i had enough of playing ya games
you been giving me the eye since quarter to nine
hey i ain'trying to party here all night
so get your coat and lets hit the road, woah
once i get you
you can't ever let go
i got ou all up in my lock and under control
i never had a lover who would beg for more
i have you screaming out please don't go

(chorus till end)

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