Mis-Teeq - teeq - Nitro

Текст песни Mis-Teeq - teeq - Nitro

It`s a brand new track,
Mis-Teeq are coming back strong!
Are you ready for a brand new track?
It`s a brand new day,
So make way for the ladies - ha

Verse 1
So where you been where ya gone?
Since July I`ve been around the world 50 times,
So tell me where`s the action?
I`m feeling Miami,
Cruising down the Ocean Drive,
So tell me what have you learnt?
I`ve learnt to just keep my cool and let it ride,
So tell me when`s it your turn?
2003 we`re gonna blow the spot

Mis-Teeq`s gonna show ya,
Got something for ya,
Coming to destroy ya,
We got a little something gonna blow ya mind,
We ain`t gonna bore,
Coming back on tour,
Lots of funky melodies you`re gonna like for sure

We`re back,
We`re back,
Mis-Teeq with another hot track,
Put on ya seat belt,
Green light,
Accelerate like Nitro,
New rhymes,
New rhymes,
New times,
New times and we`re still lickin` on both sides,
Put on ya seat belt,
Green light,

Accelerate blow like Nitro

Verse 2
So what`s next on your cards?
Back to UK gonna rip the charts,
They didn`t think it would last!
No media hype`s gonna tear me and my girls apart.
Did the fame change your heart?
I remained the same grounded from the start,
You`re coming back with a blast!
2003 we`re gonna blow the spot



I think you will find that we are one of a kind,
We are the missus divine,
We`re gonna tickle ya spine,
Like Freud resurrected play with ya mind,
We feed you the nourishment your body can`t find,
Mis-Teeq`s back with the flow,
Are you ready for the sound that we bring say so,
Ready for the songs that we`ve wrote say yo,
Ready for the launch of a brand new flow!
1,2,3,4 we`re bringing flavours that you`ve never heard before,
3 women MCs ya know we`re breaking down ya doors,
Be in the studio from dusk till dawn and when sun rises,
Straight to the morn the children be singing,
The Mis-Teeq songs then the damage is done,
We`re feeling good you know we`re second to none,yo
We`re gonna bring ya some new action

Chorus 2x

You`ll see you`re in for a treat,
JD and Mis-Teeq bringing you some brand new flavours,
See you`re in for a treat,
JD and Mis-Teeq bringing you some brand new flavours

(repeat to end)

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