Missy Elliott - Busta's Outro

Текст песни Missy Elliott - Busta's Outro

[Busta Rhymes]

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yo yo
Ay yo Missy
I just came here a hour & twenty five minutes
On one of them Gilligan island shits of New York & Virginia
Word up to visit your ass and you playin'
Shit like this up in my ears
What the fuck you think you doin'
Thinkin' I ain't gotta get on this
Muthafucka before I bounce
Yo check this out,
Let me hit you with the shit real quick Missy
One shot baby just let me
Do my shit for a minute on your shit
Check it out
Ah hahahah!
I continue to disreguard all of ya'lls opinion
Ahah! Blast your whole ass into oblivion
Eheaha makin' New York with Virgin-akins
Eheh this shit be baggin' eheh
If you disagree, uhah, before I smoke this
And get a little drunk and a little pissy
When I finish my music

Ima make all ya'll muthafuckas miss me
See who is he
That girl right there who is she
It's Busta Rhymes and Missy
Niggaz when ya come around Missy
Don't act like a fuckin' sissy
No chicken heads allowed here
No time for the kissy kissy
And when they askin' who is he
I be Busta Rhymes the phenemial of ger busy
Strickly major effected
Ya'll niggaz know the drilly,
We gettin' money togetha
Trackin' stacks and then countin' em
Ya'll niggaz stay tuned
For the rest of my homegirl Missy's album
Word up, Flip Mode is the muthafuckin squad
Busta Rhymes comin' in right here
With this quick lil' drop on ya
Ah yo ya'll niggaz stay focused
Keep ya eyes and ears on this fulfillin' shit
Missy be numba one
Blossumin' like beautiful flowers'
On ya'll muthafuckas
Stay tuned

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