Missy Elliott - Intro *

Текст песни Missy Elliott - Intro *

Yeah whats the deal yall this missy elliott givin yall magazine writers

Radio cats listers or plain old haters a small piece of my album which is

Titled under construction under consrtuction simply states that Im a work in

Progress Im working on myself you know uh every since aaliyah passed I view

Life in a uh more valuable way looking at hate and anger gossip or just plain

Ol bullshit became ignorant to me when you realize in a blink of a eye you

Walking down a church aisle and that was meant for weddings and happiness and

Realize the same church aisle are used to view a loved one for the last time

From the world trade families the left eye family big pun family you know

Biggie family pac family to the hip hop family we all under construction trying

To rebuild you know ourselves hip hop done gained respect from you know not

Even respect form but just like rock and roll and it took us a lot of hard work

To get here so all that hatin and animosity between folks you need to kill it

With a skillet you dont see bill gates and donald trump arguing wit each other

Cuz both of them got paper and the they got better shit to do get more paper so

All Im sayin is lets take hip hop back to the rope follow me

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