Missy Elliott - Outro *

Текст песни Missy Elliott - Outro *

feat. Mary J. Blige

* included because of Missy's actual rap

Check it
See I don't wanna say that this is the end
I'll end by saying this is where we'll begin
Hip-hop is a freedom of expression
Not a freedom of depression
Can I make my one suggestion
Look at how we're labelled gangster rappers
Is that their only impression, wake up
Rap is a craft, art and a rap of sport
Something like a game of basketball can't be taught
But yet we accept the name thug, like that's fly
See how they covered our eyes

Give us names to separate us
Sit back and watch us beef and make us hate us
Say what, I'm done talking
Mary J. Blige, let 'em know this is not a test
I hear you calling

What you hear is not a test
I'm rocking to the beat (I'm rocking to the beat)
See me and my crew and my friends
We're gonna try to move your feet (move around, move around)
See I am Mary Blige (yes I am)
And I'd like to say hello (thank you for inviting me)
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown
The purple and yellow (everybody)
But first you gotta, oh, but first you gotta

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