Missy Elliott - Pass that Dutch (Remix)

Текст песни Missy Elliott - Pass that Dutch (Remix)

Listen up everyone
We have just been informed that there's an unknown virus
That's attacking all clubs
Symptoms have been said to be heavy breathing
Wild dancing, coughing
So when you hear the sound (Whooo!)
Run for cover muthafucka

Mmm, whoo, ah daddy, whoo, ah, oh, ooh
Pass that dutch (ah), pass that dutch (ah)
Pass that dutch (ah), pass that dutch (ah)
Pass that dutch (ah), pass that dutch (ah)
Pass that dutch (ah), pass that dutch (ah)

Misdemeanor on the floor, pretty boy here I come
Pumps in the bunk, make you wanna hurt something
I can take your man, I don't have to sex 'em
Hang him out the window, call me Michael Jackson (hehehe)
I'm a pain in your rectum, I am that bitch y'all slept on
Heavy hitter, rhyme spitter, call me *re-run*
*Hey, hey, hey, I'm what's happening*
Hypnotic in my drink, that's right
Shake your ass till it stink, that's right
Mr. Mo's on the beat, that's right
Put it down for the streets, that's right

Pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Pass that dutch, come on pass the dutch baby
Shake, shake, shake your stuff baby
Pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Pass that dutch, pass that dutch
Pop that, pop that, jiggle that fat
Don't stop, get it till your clothes get wet

Number one, drums go bump, bump, bump
This beat here will make you hump, bump, jump
If you's a fat one put your clothes back on
Before you start putting pot holes in my lawn
Oh my God, show my God
Shove em under attack like my name was Saddam
I am the bomb from New York to Milan
And I can write a song sicker than Jeffrey Dahm'

*car alarm* Don't touch my car alarm
Break in my car, you will hear viper armed
I've been a superstar since Daddy Kane was raw
I'm live on stage, come on and give me some applause
Thank you, oh thank you, you all are so wonderful


Aha, aha, aha, ay yo Missy
It would be my pleasure
If you just let me knock they ass out for you baby
Let's go! *ring*
It's the immaculate, incredible
Magnificent, unforgettable and imaginable
So that's just a dramatical situation
See all the shit you be facin'
While I be in the place
In a way that be keeping the party shaking (oh)
Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut four, hut
Get that thong, shorty, pull it out your butt (what)
See a crew of the baddest bitches laying the cut (what)
If you ain't saying shit for, we keep your mouth shut
What, shut, what, shut, what, keep your mouth shut
I brought a couple shorties back and they cleaning my house up
Almost forgot to mention I'm one of the most important
And relevant in the street like a genius who speak intelligent, ah
Look at all of the shades of my diamonds in my bezzle
When light hits, forget it, I caught a charge of embezzlement
Missy, giving it to 'em, let's take 'em all on a ride
Just remember to pass the dutch on the left hand side


Pop that, pop that, make that money
Just keep it going like the Energizer bunny
Shake that, shake that, move it all around
Spank that, yank that dutch back now
Freak him, freak her, whatever your choice
Didn't come to judge, I cam to get you moist
Scream (whoo whoo!) now my voice is lost
Can I get a ride on a white horse *horse*


Pop that, pass the dutch baby, jiggle that fat

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